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I just realised Zachary Taylor now has a made-in-Vietnam Renaissance Guitar out:


Granted that it's based on the 1646 Giovanni Smit, has a flat back and metal frets (tied frets available as special), and a scale length of 42.5cm, but it seems quite beautifully made, and certainly far more elaborate than the Pakistan-made baroque guitar. 

He also seems to have a rather elaborate Vihuela based on the Quito Vihuela:


Has anyone tried out one of these things?

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i emailed Mid-East Music to ask about ordering one without the metal frets, and they replied 'Unfortunately, the tied fret option is not available at this time.', and immediately removed the line on the website about the possibility of the non-metal fret option. 

there's a lady selling them on ebay too, and she says she will check with the luthier to see if that's possible. will keep you all posted. 

The vihuela listing says the string length is 648mm, but that the strings are for a G tuning.

Granted, my own Harz-model archlute is 670mm and is in G at 440, but isn't 648mm a bit long for a G tuning? 

Hi everyone, I know it's an older post, but I have played the Lourebach Renaissance by Zachary Taylor and it is quality. If anyone is still looking - 


Jam on, 


Hi Otis, you appear also to be the one selling those instruments.

and it's not even the right instrument...

You both are totally right. Human error, my apologies.


what do you like about the Lourebach renaissance guitar?


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