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Hi dear friends,

could you help me with this issue.  In a few Italian tab collection I came across this sign 'y' with 2 dots above (looks like German umlaut). I saw it both in guitar and lute collections  (Kapsberger, Roncalli, Zamboni) - but it seems only in Italian (though I cannot say for sure). Often above the last note of the piece.

In Zamboni's facsimile after the title 'Sonata 1' there goes a row of signs (including this one) - some I know know but  I cannot get why they are put in this place...  you could check it here here http://imslp.org/wiki/Sonate_d%27intavolatura_di_leuto,_Op.1_(Zamboni,_Giovanni)

Any ideas?

Thank you

Kind regards


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The sign you mention refers to the 11th course. The row of signs at the start of Zamboni's prelude are simply sharps before the 7th and 11th courses indicating that should both be raised a semi-tone (so F# and B natural respectively).



Thank you very much, Matthew


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