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Can anyone tell me what works for two guitars were composed by R. de Visee? Thanks.

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De Visee didn't actually publish any works for two guitars. there are works for two guitars in Corbetta's La guitarre royale 1684 and in Carre's Libre de pieces ca. 1678.

And a Sarabande with a contrepartie in Médard's Pièces de Guitarre too.

Did Devisee not compose the Gavotte Rondeau and Contrapartie from VM7 6222?

The gavotte was included in Pieces de theorbe et de luth (1716) in staff notation. It is not in the guitar books. It is included in various manuscripts, some for lute and others for guitar and in different keys. The Vaudry de Saizenay ms. also includes the contrepartie - for theorbo. It is not certain what instrument it was originally intended for or if De Visee actually cared. It is not certain that the contrepartie is by de Visee.  The versions found in Vm76222 are anonymous. 

Thanks for this helpful information, Monica. It's interesting that there seems to be such a small proportion of the surviving music for baroque guitar that is written for two guitars. TT


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