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I'm interessted in getting a terz guitar and want the best guitar. Which guitarmaker shall I choose.


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A very small maker...failing that, our own Alexander Batov.

Yes! Get an original! However, I have a tertz guitar by M. de Witte. I'll post a picture. It sounds very good and looks cute. I think Gary Southwell makes a very nice tertz guitar too: http://www.southwellguitars.co.uk/terz.shtml



I think  this terz guitar (see the video on YT)  must be still on sale (2500 €)


I know the guitarist, a French one.  It is a concert performer and guitar maker. You can send a message to him if you want.

Good luck!

Hello, I know him also, and Jerome Casanova restored this guitars some years ago. It works very well…

Stauffer of course..............

Ask Stefan Hackl!


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