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Good evening,

I've just bought for few cents this guitar. Seems to be interesting for me - kind of romantic.
90,50 cm long. But has anyone idea what can it be? XIX? 

All the best!

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It's German, c.1880-1900 made to imitate an American (Martin) guitar.

How do you know its German? I don't mean I doubt you at all, I just would like to know if there is some kind of clear giveaway that says "german." 

Actually this guitar is in luthier now. Very good one - with huge knowledge about old instruments (specially italian XVII-XVIII violin). 
He said that this guitar is southern french or lombardian according to woods (southern Alpes). 
I dunno if thats correct, but he said that in his opinion is not german or czech... Anyway - it was a bargain for 50 euros... ;)


wow, I would say 50 euros is on the low side... 

I would gladly double your price on that....:)

seriously, congratulations. Its beautiful.


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