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It is stated that Vincenzo Panormo studied with Thomas Perry in Dublin before he went to london, as I was rooting around the murky depths of the storage area in the National Museum in Dublin, it came as no surprise that i would find some form of Panormo evidence, so if anyone can tell me anything about this one i would love to get info on it as no one in the Museum has any ideas about it,,

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The plantila looks very much like a French style Panormo guitar a luther friend of mine has and one that I replicate. It is believed to be dated ca. 1826. It does however, have a figure eight peghead and early Panormo style bridge. Richard Brune had or still has a simiar instrument in his collection with what looks to be the same plantilla and the Panormo style machine head. Neither one has the same decoration, flush fingerboard, bridge style nor the chevron decoration of this instrument.


Another thing to take into consideration is that there are a lot of extant instruments that have the Panormo style machine head. These have caused some confusion as most of them, that aren't otherwise identifyable as Panormos, look as they do as a result of later additions.


You may alread be familar with this essay by Gary Southwell but here it is for those that aren't. It is an informative read.



Although there are a few elements to your guitar that are reminicent of the Panormos instruments, until more definitive evidence is available (a label, distinctive workmanship features, personal markings [there is often a P on a transverse brace seen through the soundhole]), my first impression is that it is not one. I'd guess that it is a French instrument that has been altered/repaired, perhaps by one of the Panormos, with a new machinehead.


Maybe Alexander Batov will pipe in. He has many good thoughts on these instruments that are in question.

Hi Scot, usually the Museum only buy authenticated Irish made instruments from Sotheby's etc so unless it was a donation its possably made in Dublin, i will have that info soon as i did ask for more details, my main interest is in Citterns/english guitars of which they have many,
Thanks Paul. I'd be interested in what you find out. Like I said, just from the photos, there are elements that remind me of Panormo and others that don't so it will be interesting to see what your info says.

Hello, this guitar looks very french, made in Mirecourt for the english market as numerous luthiers made to follow the ask. Here a photo for exemple of a Marcard in its original state, with all the "Panormo" style. You should have to examine  the blocks, linnings and bracing to learn from wich country is this guitar, but for me it is from Mirecourt, c.1840.  




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