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Tombeau sur la mort de Madame la contesse de Logi - LB209

From LB 209. My copy is very hard to read so I enhanced it. A beautiful tombeau for his mother I think followed by a sarabande and menuet which could be of Logi also.

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Thanks. I haven't looked at the Tombeau properly yet. Even the minuet is quite intense! A performance of all three pieces as a sort of suite would be quite something (...depressing!)

Are we actually referring to the same piece. Logy's Tombeau is for his mother - it is included in CZ-Pnm, Ms.XLb 209 arranged for 5-course guitar. Is this the same as Weiss's Tombeau for Logy himself?

Hello, Monica, Logys Tombeau for his mother and Weisses Tombeau for Losy and are definitely different pieces. Second one was composed by Weiss for Logy after Logys death.  

Many thanks - that's what I thought.

Dear Hans, 

I can't see the file attached. Please, it would be possible to access it? Thank you! 


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