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i bought a secondhand early romantic guitar and have no idea about the stringing.

It has a string length of 62,5 cm.

The previous owner played with Aquila Ambra 2000 Set -Strings on it at A=440HZ/435HZ.

This strings have a tension from first to sixth

8,6 Kg, 7,4 Kg , 6,8 Kg, 7,4 Kg, 7,7 Kg, 6,6 Kg

For my taste it is too much. I like to play with lower tension but can´t find strings (Sets)

for historic guitars. I think about 6,5 Kg to 5,5Kg.

All of the Aquila historic strings have such a high tension?

I prefer nylgut strings which i play all on my other Instruments and would like to play the romantic guitar with 440HZ without nails.

Is it possible to put the lute strings of newnylgut on this guitar?

Is the diameter and the material of the historic early guitar Nylgut strings from Aquila the same as from the Lute NG strings?

Does anybody have a Idea?

Thank Michael

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Have you looked at Len Verrett's earlyromanticguitar website? There's a lot of string information there, and much more.

Thank you John, this is a very helpful website. Really a lot of informations to work through.


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