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I post this announcment about a very special book to come (on subscriptions only) It is a great book (320 pages, 297x371mm, a lot of great quality photos) about the luthier Stauffer in Vienna, XIXth century.
The autors are Erik-Pierre Hofmann, luthier, expert and restorer of early guitars, Pascal Mougin, Photograph, and Stefan Hackl, Guitar teacher and reasercher in Austria.
A part the 60 instruments shown with detailled photos in the book, there is an documented part on the musical life in Vienna, around some figures as Giuliani, Legnani, Regondi, Mertz, Diabelli.
Text are in French, German and English.
Order only by subscription from the authors. Quite expensive, but it will be a reference for luthiers and guitar lovers or scholars interested in this period.

See some picts and infos (and nice music...) at :


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The book just came, and it is a wonderfull one…

It is indeed very beautiful. Congratulations to all concerned. I have number 1!

I have mine too, with a (too short, this is the only critic I can formulate) recording on original guitars...

Little up to this post to remind people who don't have this book yet ! grab the opportunity before the book is out of print... It is really beautiful and a must have if you're interested in early romantic guitars...


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