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I thought I would try transcribing this lute piece by Sixtus Kargel to a four string instrument - I would be very interested in having everyone's thoughts, criticisms and corrections on this.   You can download the pdf file here: 

Thanks for the input!

Mike Walker

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Dear Michael,

Thank you for this interesting transcription — never heard of Sixtus Kargel before. This piece is quite entertaining to play while being not too difficult. Keep on the good job !

That said, may I point just a couple of oddities ? There seems to be some discrepencies in the rhythmic values in two spots. Bar 37 : the second note should be a quarter and not an eight. And bar 57 : the total of eight notes make it for a 3/4 signature, which is very unlikely since the whole piece is a straight 4/4.

Apologies in advance if I got it wrong, and thanks if you can shed a light on those minor details.



Thanks, Giles - I'll take a look at Bar 37 and Bar 57 and get back to you on this.  I really appreciate the input.



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