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I just received my new Alexander Hopkins Castilian style baroque guitar and it came strung up for French tuning...go figure. And I was all set to get into the Guerau, Poema Harmónico.


So, I thought I'd play through some de Visee since the stringing in place. I cannot seem to find any on line (unless I'm missing something) and the few suites I have are modern transcriptions.


Does anyone know where I can find a few pieces in tablature to keep myself entertained for a week or so until my new set of strings get here?

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Hi, again Scot! I noticed I'm denied access to Visee, but there are a lot of other nice tabs. But if you want some specific pieces by Visee, just give me a shout and I can scan some of mine and send to you.


Thanks Harry. I should have mentioned that I did find (from an earlier post here on EG & V ) that website but, like you, could not access the de Visee.  That's a good site but a real problem to navigate I found.


I'm surprised there is so little de Visee posted on the web since he is a well known, popular composer for the baroque guitar. Lots of his theorbo stuff and lots of material from his contempories.


Thanks a lot. That will keep me busy for a while. I didn't think to look at Sarge's site or on the Lutegroup. I'm glad to have sharper minds than mine around.

Dear All:-)

It seems to be a recurring problem to acces the former baroqueguitar.net page.

The problem can be solved if you start with the main page here: http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.baroqueguitar.net

and pick some random dates untill you get what you want

so here is the Robert de Visee: http://web.archive.org/web/20070120161221/www.baroqueguitar.net/de_...

Its sad that the page has been shut down - theres a lot of wonderful material - it was the page which got me started years back - could it be that we could transfer the entire collection to the score section of this ning-page?

Hope it works now



- could it be that we could transfer the entire collection to the score section of this ning-page?

Dear Michael,

Maybe, if you know who made that site and the transcriptions, we can ask them to contribute the files, and host them somewhere on the web (or here on Ning, depending on the cost). Could you find out who the owner is and ask? 

Best wishes, Jelma

Thanks gang. Finally was able to log on and download the de Visee. In fact was able to download most of the material. Some just wouldn't connect. It took a while (over two hours) and was a real PITA but after trying some of the links a few times most opened.


I found the contact info for the maker of the site/transcriptions and tried to email but it kept bouncing back. I'll try again later.

I have found the complete content of the baroque.net website at this address:




The scores are compressed in three .zip files free to download.


Hope this help



This was great, Roberto!



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