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After 'Stauffer & Co.', a second book will soon be issued by Les Éditions des Robins, Erik Pierre Hofmanns publishing venture.

Franz Schubert - 39 Songs with Guitar Accompaniment (Facsimile of a manuscript by Franz von Schlechta, ed. by Stefan Hackl).

As of now, 150 copies are available for pre-order - your support is needed and highly appreciated. For further details, you may check out the website below:


This facsimile of a manuscript by Franz von Schlechta is edited by Stefan Hackl.

Why add a new edition of Schubert songs with guitar accompaniment to the many already available? Because these arrangements originate from Schubert’s most immediate circle. Between 1840 and 1842, Franz von Schlechta – a poet, musician and close friend of the composer – put down this collection of songs in writing. Some are based on printed versions which had already been published in Schubert’s lifetime, while others feature previously unknown guitar accompaniments.

These 39 songs – enhanced with reference texts on the topic of ‘Schubert and the guitar’ – are reproduced here in facsimile form, introduced and commented by Stefan Hackl.

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I pre-ordered a copy, but was discouraged to learn that it may not go to print if enough copies are not requested. They've extended rye deadline to Oct. 

I noticed that too. They need just a few dozen more subscribers and it will be printed.


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