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Hello friends,

I got an opportunity to play with a good clavichordist. I haven't played in a such setting before and I'm looking for suitable music. I play renaissance lute, vihuela, baroque guitar and theorbo. 

Any ideas or suggestions? 

Thanks in advance

Tuomas Rauramaa 


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I think that some dances by S. de Murcia can be played interesting with it. Anyway struming guitar's sound with keyboards.  Plucked technique sounds not so interesting with clavichord I think

Hello Tuomas

Depending of which type of guitar/instrument you plan to use, there may be some answers here: http://earlyguitar.ning.com/forum/topics/5course-guitar-and-clavichord

Best wishes, Jelma

I already posted this on the lute forum but thought I'd copy it here for the benefit of those who aren't on it. I'd only add that the vihuela duets should use vihuela!

I have a 3-disc clavichord album by Rene Clemencic on which he plays lute intabulations of Waissel. They work very well. Based on this, I think lute duets repurposed for clavichord and lute could work very well. Some to consider would be the imitative intabulations, especially those published by Pierre Phalese. Maybe the Valderrabano vihuela duets.  Others you might try would be the two contrapunti by Vincenzo Galilei - alternating who takes the chordal accompaniment and who gets the top line. These latter pieces are available in modern edition, so no editing for the clavichordist would be necessary.



Thanks! Your comments helped me a lot!


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