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i am seeking after the facsimile of Santiago de Murcias Passacalles y obras. I found only a transcription into staff notation on scribd.

Maybe someone  (Monica) could help.


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Well  I have  scan of it but after being told off for posting the Saldivar Ms. I think it might be better if you gave me an e-mail and I tried to send it to you off list.   It is a big file so in 4 sections.   

Thank you very much for your help. Our member Sergio Muselli send it to me yesterday via cloud service.

Please go ahead and post it here please Monica (or somewhere else): it's not available anywhere...

Perhaps you could ask Sergio to send it to you if you have cloud service.   I don't.   If he can't I will try to send it to you only.

thank you Sergio send it to me via cloud service.

Jolly good!  

I also have been looking for a source for this facsimile. Is anyone aware of a commercially published facsimile of this work? All I have found is an edited volume of the complete works of de Murcia by Soneto Ediciones Musicales, but it is not clear whether this contains the facsimile or just a transcription in modern notation.

If one does not exist, might I trouble someone who has one to send me an electronic or print copy?

The original facsimile published by Chanterelle has been out of print for some time but if you ask Sergio he can probably send it to you by cloud services.   What it says about it on Soneto Ediciones Musicales is mostly rubbish.  I think it must be a transcription for classical guitar.   

add as a friend and give me your mail address by private message ..

Right - I added you as a friend.


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