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Found this gem of an Ms thanks to posts from several years ago on this forum. Since there are different threads, I'll start a new discussion to ask my questions.

1) On page 48 there is a page of tuning for guitar and mandora. While note values aren't given for the guitar the sixth course for the mandora is a G and that seems to work for the guitar pieces. Is there evidence for a 6 course guitar that Losy composed for? I've tried them on my Romantic guitar just playing the E string stopped at the 3rd fret. 

2) Any sources for the tuning that Losy used? Switching between the Romatic guitar and my baroque guitar in re-entrant tuning some pieces seem better suited to one of the other.

3) How clear are the attributions to Losy? I did find one Rondeau that says Logi but appears in the Haslemere lute MS attributed to Weiss and in another attributed to von Bohrenfels.

4) None of the guitar works have strumming indications. All plucked or would the performance practice to be strum away?



Link: http://www.classicalguitardelcamp.com/viewtopic.php?t=67271

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I don't really want to get involved in a discussion about this on two different sites but I think that the tuning instructions on p, 49 do not refer to the  guitar. I don't know any Czech but the instrument seems to be called a Cytarra which may be something different - a 5-course mandora with some open basses perhaps. The first few pieces in tablature seem to be for a 5-course instrument with an unstopped 6th course. There is a piece for 5 unstopped basses further on. On p. 97 there is a table of alfabeto chords for 5-course guitar and a tuning chart which implies a re-entrant 5th course. 

A couple of pieces from the manuscript: https://youtu.be/RuTddcGOLRg


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