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Hello, I'm new here and have been looking around to find a list of luthiers making vihuelas, but have had no luck finding such a list here yet. Is there one, and if not, perhaps creating one would be valuable to other newbies like myself. I'm open to finding a used one on the classifieds but wanted to do my due diligence first!


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Here's a few of the makers whose work I'm most familiar with. There lots more but it's a start.


Alexander Batov makes beautiful ones. http://www.vihuelademano.com/

Dan Larson of Gamut Music. http://gamutmusic.squarespace.com/

Francisco Hervas. http://www.hervasluthier.com/index.html

Stephen Barber & Sandi Harris. http://www.lutesandguitars.co.uk/


Here's my contribution:

Marcos Kaiser Mori (London): http://www.marcoskaiser.com/

Martin de Witte (Den Haag, Holland): http://www.martindewitte.nl/

Sebastian Nuñez (Utrecht, Holland): http://www.earlymusicalinstruments.info/index.html

Alexander Hopkins (Sardinia, Italy): http://www.hopkinslutes.com/

Carlos Gonzalez: http://luthier.org.mialias.net/2013/08/vihuela-en-mi/

And an extensive list here: http://www.lutesociety.org/pages/makers

I own instruments by de Witte and Kaiser Mori and love them. I have had very good guitar restorations done by Sebastian Nuñez. 

There are also some others:

Martin Hurttig (Leipzig, Germany) www.lautenbau-leipzig.de (I played his baroque guitar at an exhibition - wonderful!)

Marco Salerno (near Roma, Italy) www.marcosalerno.it (I just got a Vihuela from him - very beautiful sounding and looking instrument and very cheap! But I already had the first problem...)

Markus Dietrich (Erlbach, Germany) www.gitarre-laute.de (I bought my Lute and my renaissance guitar in his workshop and I am very happy with them!)

Kind regards


Thank you everyone... this is very helpful!

Yet another excellent one: www.bosserluthier.net

In France :

Didier Jarny is also making vihuelas (concert and more affordable students ones)


Stephen Murphy (high end instruments) http://www.murphylutes.com/fr

Also Wolfgang Früh in Paris, http://www.lepointdaccroche.com/

and Renzo Salvador in Belgium. http://www.renzosalvador.be/

Check the lutes societies websites for links anyway...



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