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I've been googling quite a bit but can't find Joseph Kreutzer's trios op. 9, nos 1 and 2. Can anyone please point me in the right direction? Thanks.

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try to contact members of the gragnani trio from this link


Thank you but I've already found and tried that link with no result and as of this post it's a dead link.

Hello Dominic, did you find something?

No, Markku, I did not find anything and I can't seem to get in touch with Karin Scholz of the Gragnani Trio. Are you interested in the piece as well?

Hello Dominic!
Sorry for the delay, yes I'm also interested. Kreutzer lived in Düsseldorf i guess? Maybe we could try to find it from some university library from there.
I could ask the Goethe institute if they could have any hint from where to start the research.
I found these pieces mentioned here as forthcoming publication:

I've tried to reach you, but you didn't reply.  I know where to get the score you want, Kreutzer, Op. 9. But don't want to post the information in public.   There is (was?) just ONE copy available.


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