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Hello dear friends

I will participate in a concert dedicated to Dutch Baroque music as a continuo player. I was also asked to play some solo pieces but I could not find anything from baroque by the Dutch composers for lute or guitar. Nicolas Vallet is at best can be considered as very very early baroque (rather transitional) in some pieces but most of the program is much later period.

I will appreciate any suggestions.

thank you

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Not Dutch, but from the Low Countries (or 'Southern Netherlands', if you wish) nevertheless: Jacques de St Luc on baroque lute and François Le Cocq on baroque guitar would probably be more appropriate per your time period? 

(both were working in Brussels, btw, but de St Luc corresponded with the Dutch scientist Huygens, who did compose for the lute too...)

Thank you very.

Francois Le Cocq would be good for this I belive. Actually I never read his biography and though he was French.

Thank you again.

If you have the facsimile of the LeCocq manuscript you could also try some of the pieces by Nicolas Derosier which are included in the second part of the manuscript..  He may have been French but seems to have settled in the Netherlands as his surviving printed book "Les principes de la guitarre" was printed in Amsterdam.

"Op 't Singel, schuyns over den Doele, bij 't Koninckx-Pleyn, in den Roose-boom". Can't get more Dutch than that, including everything else in French ;-).


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