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  I've been lurking here since the beginning, but I've only posted a few times. I'm a guitar maker who builds modern guitars, although I have had training in building early instruments. I'm once again working on building  vihuelas and four course Ren guitars, my time opened up and I have no repair work at the moment so I have been occupying my time by getting back into the historical instruments which inspired me in the first place to build guitars. 

I live in Japan, in Kyushu the southern most island, my wife is Japanese and we moved from California to Akune, the small town she was born in.  I'm isolated here from great libraries with books in English, and music research sources. In hopes I can learn about the latest scholarship in the vihuela world by tuning in here. 

Right now I am working on a prototype for a vihuela that would probably be a mix up of different iconography, but what I call the "Skinny Boy" model. Ha ha. It's Pre Chambure' inspired and comes out of sources like the text a drawings in Bermudo. It is a vihuela in G with 60 cm scale, normal stuff. 

Hope to join in the discussions eventually as I get up to speed on what I've not focused on the last ten years. But I do have and always will have Vihuelamania.  


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Nice to see you


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