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I suppose there may be a reason why there's been a recent change in the colouring of this page with a pale light blue now being much used. Perhaps it's my eyesight, but I really do find good old black font much easier to read than this rather glaring colour.

Might it revert please?



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I agree with you. Especially having the text in white on any sort of background is a nightmare for anyone even with eyesight problems. 

Hello Martyn, I will look into it. Best, Jelma

I wonder if it is a Windows thing as I notice this has happened to other sites which I use.

Dear Jelma,

Any information about this strange, and unwanted, colourisation of the site? As said, plain simple black on a white background is by far the easiest to  read - on whatever device!



I am working on it. I changed most of the headers back to black which looks a bit calmer!

Many thanks Jelma




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