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Due to a downsizing/early spring cleaning/anti-clutter binge, I've decided to put a number of instruments up for sale. First up is a Castilian model Baroque Guitar made by Alexander Hopkins. It's a beautiful instrument but just doesn't get the attention it deserves. My limited playing time gets divided between my Early Romantic guitars and lute. Unfortunately this beauty always comes last. For more information and photos check here:



Also over the next few days I will be updating the list with two six string Aubry-Maire Early Romantic copies and a G.A. Stauffer terz copy. Please check back for more updates as they happen.

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Nice! Do we know anything about the reason for those decorations (love the rabbits)? Are they somehow heraldic or connected to a specific coat of arms?

I did a limited search into the meaning of the decorations with little success, Alexander faired little better, he said. But each of the figures has meaning (rabbit - old Roman association with Iberia - land of the rabbits, Lions - royalty/ power, etc) when put together must certainly have been associated with a well positioned family or person. It would be interesting to know who that might have been.

As promised I have added a couple more instument to my "For Sale" list. The two Aubry-Maire replicas. More information and photos can be found here: http://scottremblayguitars.com/instruments/available-instruments/

Just an update. The Quilted maple Aubry-Maire now has a good home so is no longer available but the Bolivian sister is still waiting to be loved.

Do you still have that beautiful baroque guitar and how much do you want for it?

Best regards//

Joakim Sennerby


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