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At a Dutch guitar builders forum there is a contest in building small guitarss.
I've decided to build a little baroque guitar.

It's design is based on the guitars by Voboam. But with a round back.
Why? Because it's fun to build

You can find a translation of the Duch topic at:

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It might be relevant to mention that there is a very pretty chitarrina battente in the museum in Rome. String length 37.6 cm.


I already knew a little Battente Guitar in the Cité de la Musique Paris.

Do you know where i can find pictures of this instrument?
Annoyingly I have lost the address of the museum in Rome and when I visited very quickly only photographed their cittern. The museum appears to publish some photographs now which I have seen via a friend in Rome. Some further measurements quoted from their catalogue (which you will have to translate yourself!):

Misure: L. tot. cm 61,5; L. piano cm. 34,3; L. manico cm. 35; L. corpo: alta cm. 14,5, centre. cm. 13, inf. cm. 17,3; pf. cassa cm. 11,7; (diameter) foro arm. cm. 6/3; alt. fasce cm. 7/10, cm 2/6; L. vibr. c.cm. 37,6.

If you would like to contact me off-list my address is in the Lute Society website.



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