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Anyone have any pictures of Baroque top bracing patterns? I have some on the lute, but my Baroque guitar from the GAL plans is really sparse on braces, like 2 top braces, and a parchment slab for implosion prevention.

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Oh, well, ....

That's it!
Michael, on my plans there is a parchment strip about 2 CM wide and about the length of the guitars lower bout between the bridge and the first brace below the soundhole. It looks like this was put in to 'dome' the top a bit so it would correct an 'implostion'. But I guess that is not a standard 'brace'? It may have been put on 50-100 years later for all I know. I was going to do a thin brace in lieu of, but I may skip that now.
I have (or rather had before someone 'borrowed' it) the very same plan, as I remember it just shows the parchment bridge 'plate' and the 2 harmonic soundhole braces.
I usually place a thin, lightweight bar somewhere ahead of the bridge to counteract any tendency for the soundboard to sink. Perhaps I'm playing it too safe, at worst it's only going to result in a more Lute like sound, although in my limited experience I don't think that is the case.
A Jean Voboam (Paris Museum) plan shows neither parchment or bar near the bridge position. To confuse matters the Rene Voboam plan (Oxford) shows 1 bar ahead of the bridge and a further bar behind the bridge, these are in addition to the normal 2 soundhole bars. Perhaps these are also later 'alterations' - I'm not expert enough to give any definitive answers.
I have another plan that I can dig out and check. Otherwise it's over to Mr. Batov, either that or take your chances. As such there may not be a 'wrong' or 'right' approach.
Right, they are stiffening up the soundboard with those extra braces, maybe the top wasn't as stiff, you never know, or as you say they want a different sound.


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