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Hi everyone..I,m a middle aged classical guitar player who has owned a Baroque guitar for a year now and am enthralled by it and making good progress. I would like to get some lessons but there are no teachers in my area.I am thinking it would be great to have three months or so of lessons anywhere in the world, Europe would be great ,Rome maybe.This would be a serious commitment on my part and a great adventure. Any suggestions of people I could contact ?Many Thanks..

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Hello Mark

I admire your commitment about this! Maybe it would be a start to seek out one or two residential summer schools? They are great fun, you learn very much, hear a lot of repertoire and meet very many people. There are many of those courses in Britain (the English lute society keeps a list of them on their website). In Italy there is the Urbino course where they always have a good lute/baroque guitar tutor.

Then you could fill out your adventure with individual lessons. Maybe have a look at Taro Takeuchi (London), David van Oijen or Regina Albanez (Holland), Xavier Diaz Latorre (Barcelona). All of them are on YouTube. 

I hope that that is of some help. Please send me a private message if you need more details :-)

Good luck with this!


I think you have a problem as few people actually teach the baroque guitar - as distinct from other plucked stringed instruments - and most of them don't actually know very much about the baroque guitar either....   Have you got a copy of James Tyler's tutor.  How far have you got with things already?

Hello Monica 

Thanks for your reply,I have a copy of the book and think I am doing well, basing this on my classical guitar experience.I hadn't thought that maybe every else is more or less teaching them selfs  and wondering if they are doing it right..I listen to cds and watch clips also.

I taught myself - but if you heard me play you wouldn't want to follow my example!  Of the people Jelma mentioned the top of my list would be Taro Takeuchi who is a friend of mine and lives in London - but he travels the world playing and teaching and might not be available for three months at a stretch.   However - London is a great place to be and there are other possibilities including Jacob Lindberg.   And then there is the Lute Society which meets every quarter. Is there really no-one in New Zealand - if I am right in thinking that is where you are.

I,m in New Zealand ,no one in my city.Will ask around the society's and groups here in NZ.Just had a suggestion of skype type lessons,will look at that also.Thanks all.

Johnathon Le Cocq is in Christchurch, plays & teaches baroque guitar, theorbo, lute etc


Thanks Stephen,have already spoken to Mr Le Cocq,he isn't available for lessons.


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