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Hello all. I placed an order for a baroque guitar. it will not be ready for a year.

I would really like to get my hands on one in the meantime in order to take lessons and practice. The LSA's rental program is terribly expensive.

Does someone happen to have a very basic, utility baroque guitar that I could borrow/rent?

Thank you all.

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The Lute Society have instruments to hire but I don't know how much they charge. Contact the secretary at secretary@lutesociety.org for details.


you could use classical guitar, restring it, make lower tension meanwhile.

Or you could use also parlour guitar which are popular in US and available at wide range - it has smaller size but approx the same scale.

Also change strings for baroque tuning and lower tension.

You wont get double courses but you can get accomodated with tuning and repertoire and general technique


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