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dear friends

which is the biggest type  of baroque guitar between the well known models: voboam, stradivari ecc.. ?

can you gently give me an answer?

thank you 

Davide Bortolai

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It depends on what you mean by biggest. I think Stradivarius made uncommonly long guitars, but I would expect a deep vaulted back guitar to have a larger body volume.

Than you for your answer, 

I mean the vibrating lenght called also diapason for example 70 cm or even 75...

Of the historical models: sellas voboam or stradivari.

Greetings from italy

Davide Bortolai

It is 30 years since I looked seriously at guitar string lengths, but I did measure some which are relevant. The Stegher in Dean Castle, Kilmarnock is 73.8, Ashmolean Stradivari 73.9, V&A Tielke 72, but Harvey Hope used to own a slightly larger 'sister'. I don't think that there was any difference between different countries, and the largest guitars would have been for a nominal 'd' top string rather than 'e'. Lots of people should be better qualified to answer your question than myself now.

Dutch guitar maker Jan van Capelle is currently building a reconstruction of a very large Stradivari (770 mm string length), based not on surviving guitars but on a surviving mould. He has posted some images on Facebook.

i will see this original instrument...

thank you for the answer.

so stradivari's guitars has got,  historically,  the longest diapason.

thank you very much for your  precious answer.


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