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Dear friends, I sell a Baroque guitar for sale, made by César Arias.

It´s based on one guitar of an anonymous French luthier (believed to be by Jean Frere Ruess) probably built between 1650 and 1700. It´s part of a private collection located in the United States.


The guitar is made from a plane drawn by J. Morgan following the measurements and drawings that R. E. Brune took at the time of its restoration in 1983 and 1984.


Constructed and decorated with special care, the handwork and woods used are top quality:

It has a multi-ribbed body. The background and the sides are cypress and rosewood. The harmonic table is of European fir, the bridge is pear, inlay rosette of different woods and parchment rosette. The strips that borders the harmonic table are made of yew, as the fingerboard is. The back of the fingerboard is plated with maple. The pegs are made of boxwood and snake wood…


It's very comfortable and easy to play, and it has a very beautiful sound. The instrument is perfectly regulated. The vibrating length of the strings is 66.8 cm (really comfortable to solo and continuous repertoire).

Located in Zaragoza, Spain.


Contact for price and payment temrs:


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