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I'm sure we all know the picture of Aguado from his 1843 method, which image some interpret as showing him with little finger resting on bridge. I'd have to presume such interpretation is arrived at by those who have not studied the text of the book.

In the book -




Aguado gives advice for arpeggios involving the ring finger, explaining that the little finger should be stretched out. (Tecla edition, page 73).

Having read this section once upon a time and followed the instruction ever after on account of finding it very helpful indeed  to stretch out that little finger for certain arpeggios,  I wonder that it's a bit of advice I've never seen mentioned elsewhere (although I've noticed one or two guitarists playing with little finger stretched out - youtube).

I was thinking about it today, and it dawned on me that in the picture, Aguado's left hand is actually holding the C major chord... poised at the ready  to play the EJERCICIO 15 it would appear!

I wondered about taking a photo of my own hand, arpeggio prepared, with little finger outstretched, would it look as if resting on bridge?

I didn't make any effort to set things up extra specially to get the desired result

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