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Hello all,

I'm new here but thought I'd leap straight in!

I live in the UK.

I've already got an 8 course lute and a classical guitar but I'd like at some point to expand my instrument collection. I've been looking into Vihuelas recently but would like to ask how much people payed for their Vihuelas, where they got them from and where they advice me to get one myself. I can't afford one yet but I like to have a target to save up to! I have a very low budget and so I'm looking for the cheapest effective Vihuela one can get.

If you're a maker, don't worry about pointing out your own shops!

Any advice? Many thanks in advance. :)


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Daan, you have no problems in switching between 48mm and 52? I have great problems here, and wouldn't take any risk, but ordered a 52mm Panormo as well. So I'm interested to know how you cope with it.

Best wishes
Hello Harrry,

I didn't have problems in switching to 48 mm. I must say that i didn't use my oterh guitar in two months now, so i don't have problems with switching :).


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