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I wonder what music was played on a guitar such as mine, from 1800, as the first 6 strings guitars appears around 1790 and co-exist with the last five course guitars. The first music really wrote for six strings appears later (Carulli, and then many others) What fill the gap ? (I know so little from this period)

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Hello Valéry, have a look at Pierre Porro (1750-1831). There is a box of facsimiles published by S.P.E.S.. Porro is one of the few guitarists who published both for the 5 course (or 5 string) when he was younger, and for the 6 string guitar later in his life. I find his music quite attractive. There is also a book of violin-guitar duets by him published by Chanterelle. I have a recording of a Porro song on my ning page here.

Or Salvador Castro, or Giachomo Merchi, from S.P.E.S., as well.

I hope that helps!

thanks for the infos. ;-) I'll have a look at Spes (I have some fac similes of lute music from Spes...)
I found somewhere (but no source mentioned) some music by H.A. Villiers ? and have heard about Leonard Von Call ?
Villiers I don't know. Von Call I do know, what I've seen from him so far is sort of un-exciting. Some scores by him can be downloaded for free from the Copenhagen Royal Library. Like: this.

Here is the link for the Rischel Birket Smith collection of guitar music from that Library.
In fact not Villiers, but H.A. de Villers... But unknown for me...
I've played the Porro arrangement of a Gluck overture with classical violin accompanied on one f my Romantic guitars. Interestingly, Carulli did an arrangement of the same piece for flute -for six-string guitar of course. The original overture flows into the action of the first act and was modified by some, including Mozart and Wagner(!) to have an emphatic concert closure. The Porro is an effective arrangement.
Maybe these duets are for that kind of guitar:

Sonata I
Sonata II

Sonata III
Seems very interesting ! great thanks !


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