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I do my work over the Internet so I was planning on going to study flamenco guitar in Spain at a 10-month course -- but I don't think there is enough time to get the student visa. I'm trying to come up with an alternate guitar-related plan.

I was thinking an alternative might be to get a Baroque guitar and try to learn somewhere. Are there any schools or courses for learning early guitar? I would prefer learning in an environment where there are other players also.

Is it just wishful thinking, or do courses like this exist? (Europe preferred)

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Try in Germany, Trossingen, (Staatliche Hochschule für Musik ) with teacher Rolf Lislevand (first listen to his recordings of Sanz, Santa Cruz, Murcia, Foscarini...)
It is just one example...
let me know if you find something!
good luck
There are quite a number of early guitar (and lute) players here in Holland. And luthiers. You can study early guitar at the conservatories of The Hague (Mike Fentross) or Amsterdam (Lex Eisenhardt, Fred Jacobs).

A Baroque guitar under USD 2.000 should be possible if patient. Keep an eye on the usual lutes-for-sale websites. I got mine (for much less) that way. Look at: Wayne Cripps' Luet Page or the Lute Society.
Some makers offers students baroque guitars : Didier Jarny (in France)
(baroque guitar student model for 1350 euros)
Carlos Gonzales (Spain) www.luthier.org
for example...
Difficult to find less expensive as it is not industrial makers... Sorry for the poor value of the US dollar...
. . . and that doesn't include case, shipping, insurance and import duties/local taxes.
I have a new baroque guitar that should be ready in mid August. I'll likely sell my old one which was $1500 plus case and shipping. That might get you to $2000. It's made by Fario and can be seen here: http://lutegroup.ning.com/video/video/show?id=2106727%3AVideo%3A238 (if you are a lutegroup member too).
Cleveland OH. I travel to south Florida regularly, but I do have someone else interested in the instrument that does come to Cleveland every so often. Can't make any promises; have to make sure my new guitar is better than the old!


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